Job Description


  • Kuwait City


  • Follow up and analyzing the financials of the existing offers for both commercial and corporate clients.
  • Revamp roaming website and update accordingly with latest offers and updates.
  • Revamp and update the Welcome SMS and Offers SMS that are send to all customer base.
  • Follow up with Marcom and CCR for promoting old and new offers through Social Media and websites.
  • Conduct a market research assessment to check competitor and indirect competitor offers and benchmarking with Zain.
  • Adding new destinations to existing retail zones, create new CP amendment, business case, updating SPS/Digital Team/welcome SMS, etc.
  • Follow up on complaints with Call center Customer care and raise with technical teams related to offers.
  • Checking Knowledge base to ensure the correct information is updated.
  • Check Silent Roamers overall and check destinations and create new offers through Mobileum and follow up with Outbound.
  • Come up with new ideas for new offers come up with feasibility of the offer, financials etc. for roaming team evaluation .
  • Present new offer through SDG to officially check the feasibility of the concept with the concerned departments and amend accordingly.
  • Create CP, Business Case, approvals, Marcom, Digital, SPS to create new content for the new package and follow up until launching the offer.
  • Monitor the performance of the created offers and report revenue generation.
  • Follow up with Citra for technical issues, complaints, opening of new IMSI and ranges.
  • Follow Citra requirements to update Zain's websites for customer transparency.
  • Providing quarterly numbers to CITRA for traffic volumes, costs, financials.

What Do You Need to Qualify

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree

Years of Experience: 0-3

Technical Skills:
  • knowledge in Excel.
  • knowledge in Presentation Skills.
  • Knowledge of network services.
  • Written & Oral communication and documentation skills.
  • Advanced Knowledge of the devices market.
  • Worked with Devices/Products.

About Us

Zain is the pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East. We began life in 1983 in Kuwait as the region’s first mobile operator, and since the initiation of our expansion strategy in 2003, we have expanded rapidly. Today, we are a leading mobile voice and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 7 Middle Eastern and Africa countries with a workforce of over 5,000 providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to over 48.9 million active individual and business customers as of Sept 30, 2022.

Job Overview

  • Operations:

    Zain Kuwait

  • Location:

    Kuwait City

  • Contract Type:

    Full Time Employee