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Job Description

ZAIN6702 - Projects Implementation Civil Engineer Team Member

About Zain Jordan:

In 1994, Zain revolutionized telecommunications in Jordan by introducing GSM mobile services into the country. The operator quickly became the foremost telecom company in Jordan, a position that it has maintained to this day, serving over 3.8 million customers as of 31 March 2018, reflecting a 36% market share. The operation offers 100% population coverage through its 3G-enabled network that is supported by a total of 2,813 sites. Through constant development of the telecommunications infrastructure and proactive marketing initiatives, Zain remains committed to offering customers in Jordan the most dynamic products and services. The foundation of Zain Jordan’s achievements lies in the company’s ability to inspire its employees to deliver the best and most imaginative services at every level. With an energetic and inspired Jordanian workforce, the company is committed to employing high caliber people as well as nurturing the finest Jordanian talent. With a strong HR and training program that develops and nurtures leaders in the workplace, the company has consistently opened new doors for its dedicated staff. For more on Zain Jordan please visit


Expanding Zain’s network infrastructure through planning and supervising construction projects, including locations identification and evaluation, project execution and control, auditing contractor’s performance, and handing-over sites after projects completion while preparing progress reports, in addition to ensuring compliance with safety policies and procedures.


You will be responsible for :-

  • Supervising site surveys/ studies, which are conducted to assess locations ability to execute infrastructure projects and determine the location requirement and initial design while identifying difficulties that may arise during implementation and subsequently suggesting solutions to overcome such.
  • Providing assistant in executing and managing different infrastructure construction projects; through tracking project activities, progress, milestones and outcomes, as well as updating the master sheet and providing management with required reports, in order to complete projects successfully and within set timeframe.
  • Participating in contracts establishment with subcontractors to implement various network infrastructure projects, through handling the technical portions of such agreements; ensuring alignment with Zain’s standards.
  • Tracking, controlling and auditing progress and performance of subcontractors to ensure compliance with set Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Supporting project related procurement activities, through accurately estimating and providing required material and equipment, to ensure efficient utilization of resources and proper completion of projects.
  • Supervising lab testing and inspecting of sample materials used in construction, carrying-out required calculation and analysis on the test results, while preparing related reports; to ensure their safety, capability and compliance with set standards and specification.
  • Ensuring safe and proper work environment through supervising working areas, enforcing safety policies and procedures and ensuring usage of safety equipment, in order to minimize/ avoid risk and accidents.
  • Providing assistant to other teams such as RAN and Power in planning the construction of network infrastructure of Wireless Communication Facilities and Fiber Optics lines.
  • Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by the direct supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or a related field.
  • 2 years of actual experience in the implementation of cell sites self-supporting towers and infrastructure networks projects.

Soft Skills

  • Customer Centricity
  • Collaboration and Inclusion.
  • Follow up & coordination.
  • Documenting and reporting.
  • Maintenance Management.
  • Self-Development.


Zain Jordan

Job Group

IT and Technical


Amman - Jordan

Contract Type

Full Time

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