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Job Description

ZAIN6165 - Architect - Branding Communication Professional - Zain Iraq

About Zain Iraq:

Zain Iraq is part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa.

Zain Iraq’s strategy is based on understanding the consumers and making them the center of any service or idea. This is in order to provide subscribers with the best and most advanced services that can meet their aspirations.

Zain Iraq’s vision for the year 2020 is centered on creating a partnership with the youth providing them with products and services that can help them communicate with the world.

Its program #Hassa Eliya is a specialized platform dedicated to enabling young people and embracing Iraqi talents as well as encouraging and supporting them to achieve their ambitions.

In addition to providing the fastest Internet service 3.9G, which is supported by powerful infrastructure and equipment of global standards, regional expertise also ensures that the subscriber enjoys the most innovative and effective means of communication.

Zain’s Brand awareness among Iraqis has reached 97% which makes the subscriber the ultimate reason for our success and the most important driver to provide the finest technologies in the telecommunications sector.

We are an integral part of the local community, which makes our partnership and cooperation, especially with the youth, a very strategic approach that all of our employees have adopted.

We have always been determined to ensure that all our economic, social and cultural projects that fall within our corporate social responsibility program leave a positive impact on the lives of our partnering community.

Zain Iraq believes that you are “its Wonderful World”.”


The jobs in this level support the implementation of various marketing activities such as collecting data, helping in events, campaigns and brand awareness workshops execution. They also sort press releases targeting Zain IQ, maintain relationships with marketing agencies, Creating /developing Marketing  Advertising material, follow-up with Marketing agencies on materials production & executing, help the development and implementation of loyalty and retention programs and segment-specific offerings.


You will be required to:

  • Create & develop branded designs for all Zain premises, HQ’s, retails & booths.
  • Create & develop artworks for various internal & external environmental branding related.
  • Collect data from different internal and external sources and participate in the analysis of Zain IQ brand perception and submit results to the supervisor.
  • Participate in the execution of activities and workshops aiming to increase brand awareness internally and to communicate brand image and philosophy.
  • Continuously communicate and maintain the relationship with suppliers and production houses to manage the implementation on site and submit feedback about the performance of branding agencies upon request to the supervisor
  • Coordinate with the Events Management and Social Unit for the execution of corporate events 



  • Bachelor’s degree in Architecture Engineering, interior design & any relevant 



  • Up to 2 years of experience in related field




  • Serving our Customers 
  • Achievement-Driven 
  • Team Work
  • Information Seeking 
  • Problem Solving and Creativity
  • Relationship Building
  • Initiative 


  • Oral Communication 
  • Written Communication
  • Technology Application
  • Advertising and Marketing

Zain Iraq

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Baghdad- Iraq

Contract Type

Full Time (FTE)

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