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Job Description

ZAIN5365 - Day Care Center Teacher Team Member

About Zain Jordan:

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Executing activities according to weekly day care center plans that aim to help improve children’s growth, supporting the development of their practical, physical, intellectual and social skills, as well as providing them with care and emotional support. In addition to ensuring that children are in safe and healthy environment during their stay in the nursery.


You will be responsible for :-

  • Participating in planning and coordinating the Day Care Center activities according to the age ranges of children, and handling their timely and proper implementation to ensure delivering optimum care to children.
  • Encouraging the development of children’s talents through creating art projects that boost creativity and constantly providing appreciation to ensure children’s motivation and confidence.
  •  Exercising and playing with children to develop their fine and gross motor skills and ensure children’s healthy physical status.
  • Expanding children’s basic knowledge through teaching them about different subjects depending on the age range for each child, such as colors, shapes, and numbers.
  •  Reading stories to the children to improve their listening skills, and asking them to retell what they understood from the story to improve their comprehension skills and ensure they learn new topics.
  •  Communicating with children in a compassionate manner that facilitates the expansion of their social skills and supports the development of emotional intelligence.
  • Supporting the involvement of children’s parents through composing articles regarding the Day Care Center’s activities to be incorporated in the monthly newsletter, in addition to providing the parents with daily news about their child’s activities, development, interactions with other children, health status, concerns …etc.
  •  Ensuring children’s hygiene and neatness throughout the day, and teaching elder children the importance of Personal cleanliness and good hygiene practices.
  •  Supervising children and monitoring their surroundings, maintaining a safe and clean food and environment at all times to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.
  •  Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by the direct supervisor.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Child Education.
  • Diploma in Child Education or a related field.


Soft Skills


  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Customer Centricity
  • Innovation
  • Communications
  • Developing Talent
  • Relationship Building



Zain Jordan

Job Group

HR and Administration


Amman - Jordan

Contract Type

Full Time

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