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Pakiza Abdulrahman

CSR Manager

My first job in my career was with MTC-Vodafone, where I began in 2003. Following the completion of my Accounting degree, I was impressed by the values and the culture that the MTC-Vodafone team exhibited during their recruitment roadshow at the University of Bahrain, so I decided to apply. I was recruited as a Call Center team leader and progressed my way through to marketing within a year.

My journey with Zain has been exciting. Through my marketing role I have had the opportunity to attend conferences in Barcelona, Prague, Amman, Dubai, and Kuwait. I also have the most amazing memories formed during my exchange program where I spent 100 days in Sudan in 2008.

Zain also supported me when I applied to the MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative) to undertake my executive MBA with DUKE University (North Carolina, USA). The company further assisted me in securing an internship at Motorola (Chicago, USA), and I feel as though there are no limits to learning and developing at Zain.

  • Operation:Bahrain
  • Years at Zain:Over 11 years