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ZAIN2168 - SME Customer Value Development

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Zain operates in eight countries across the Middle East and Africa and employs over 6,700 employees. Although we come from different backgrounds and geographies yet we all share a passion for what we do. “A Wonderful World” is Zain’s brand signature and we tend to apply it to all facets of life at Zain.

We know that in the ever-changing world of mobile communications we always need to keep ahead of our competition especially by continuing to develop our people. Our People Development Department will provide you with the necessary training, resources and support to achieve remarkable results.

In addition to providing you with opportunities to develop your career, we also want you to enjoy real job satisfaction. At Zain we make sure that every person in recognized and rewarded fairly, that is why our salaries and the wide range of benefits are among the most competitive in the industry and region.

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About Zain Saudi Arabia:

Zain KSA is the newest player in Saudi Arabia’s mobile telecommunications market, having commenced commercial operations in August 2008. As of June 2014, the operation served 9.1 million customers and had extended its network coverage to 93% of the population via a network of 6,113 sites. Through its state-of-the-art 4G LTE network, the ever-evolving operator is striving to become the Kingdom’s preferred choice for voice, data and other telecommunications services. Through constant development of the telecommunications infrastructure and proactive marketing initiatives, Zain remains committed to offering customers in Saudi Arabia the most dynamic products and services. The basis of Zain Saudi Arabia’s achievements lies in the company’s ability to inspire its employees to deliver the best and most imaginative services at every level. With an energetic and inspired majority-Saudi workforce, the company is committed to employing high caliber people as well as nurturing the finest Saudi talent. With a strong human resources and training program that develops and nurtures leaders in the workplace, the company has consistently opened new doors for its dedicated staff. For more on Zain KSA please visit

Job Purpose:

This is a customer value development (CVD) position. The core responsibility is maximizing the Lifetime and profitability of your Customer Base. It requires measuring, analyzing, and managing value.  working in product-line strategy (on product positioning, product improvements, new product development and launches, value propositions, value pricing, branding, marketing communications, value selling, and key account selling) use the techniques and tools for managing customer value to coordinate and execute their strategies to outperform competitors.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  • The Team leader will oversee the specific team they are assigned to Work with the SME segment TL in developing appealing value propositions.    
  • Develop the analytical capabilities to identify customers who will be loyal and profitable to Zain
  • Managing each customer relationship with the goal of achieving Maximum lifetime profit
  • Define plane to amortize acquisition costs over a longer and more profitable period of engagement
  • Closely monitor customer’s satisfaction, assist in surveys, and respond/escalate complaints with predefined SLA’s
  • Profile and Segment customers based on value (High, mid, low)
  • Create/maintain Loyalty and retention plans
  • Analyze product costing and, assist in product pricing for promotional products to balance corporate gross margin goals with market demand and positioning.    
  • Analyze profitability of products and examine impact of adding additional products to the line.
  • Initiate products, VAS’s, to ensure introduction during the appropriate time frame to maximize value
  • Share their knowledge and skills with members and assist other team members with the functions of the team to perform tasks as needed. The role of formal supervision of staff will remain with the segment manager.
  • Relate all new or revised policies, procedures and /or processes to team members to ensure they have the most up‐to‐date and current information.
  • Identify best practices and make recommendations to the Functional Leader.
  • The Team Leader will coordinate Team schedule with Functional Leader. The Functional Leader is responsible for approving requests.
  • Assess the need for training of members and submit requests to segment manager.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree or higher in Business, Marketing, Commerce, or MIS.
  • Relevant Experience In Years : 2 -3 Years


Competencies And Skills Profile:

Functional Competencies: 
Creative with analytical thinking skills     
Strong command of computer skills      
Project planning and highly organized    
Decision maker    
Effective communication and coordination skills    
Excellent knowledge of SME Segment and  functions     
Other Skills or Qualifications: 
Strong communication skills     
positive attitude    
organization and project planning    
ability to cope with stress / pressure

Note: you will be required to attach the following:

1. Resume / CV


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