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Job Description

ZAIN6288 - Zain Iraq- Indirect Sales- Account Executive- Erbil

About Zain Iraq:

Zain Iraq is part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa.

Zain Iraq’s strategy is based on understanding the consumers and making them the center of any service or idea. This is in order to provide subscribers with the best and most advanced services that can meet their aspirations.

Zain Iraq’s vision for the year 2020 is centered on creating a partnership with the youth providing them with products and services that can help them communicate with the world.

Its program #Hassa Eliya is a specialized platform dedicated to enabling young people and embracing Iraqi talents as well as encouraging and supporting them to achieve their ambitions.

In addition to providing the fastest Internet service 3.9G, which is supported by powerful infrastructure and equipment of global standards, regional expertise also ensures that the subscriber enjoys the most innovative and effective means of communication.

Zain’s Brand awareness among Iraqis has reached 97% which makes the subscriber the ultimate reason for our success and the most important driver to provide the finest technologies in the telecommunications sector.

We are an integral part of the local community, which makes our partnership and cooperation, especially with the youth, a very strategic approach that all of our employees have adopted.

We have always been determined to ensure that all our economic, social and cultural projects that fall within our corporate social responsibility program leave a positive impact on the lives of our partnering community.

Zain Iraq believes that you are “its Wonderful World”.”


The jobs in this level are responsible for acquiring and maintaining a thorough understanding of Zain IQ product base. The jobs in this level are responsible for assisting the Account Senior Executive in performing tasks such as updating defined distributors continuously on matters related to the number of rejected contracts, SIM irregularities, vouchers inaccuracies, SIM activated and documentation discrepancies.  They understand and abide by applicable policies and procedures in the aim of achievement of plans and objectives. 


You will be required to:

  • Understand Indirect Sales strategy and plans and participate in the achievement of objectives and targets
  • Implement Indirect Sales policies and procedures in order to ensure the fulfilment of organizational requirements whilst delivering high-quality services 
  • Gain and maintain a thorough understanding of Zain IQ product base
  • Conduct regular visits to defined DROS as per the journey plan in order to collect market intelligence related to competitive activities in the market
  • Monitor and report consumers’ feedback at defined DROS on Zain IQ products, log and follow up any consumer complaint
  • Ensure DROS’s owner engagement to Zain IQ products and full awareness of consumers detailed benefit plans
  • Draft rejected contract report per distributor and inform each distributor about the number of rejected  contracts
  • Inform distributors on daily basis about documentation discrepancies in order to adjust documents to match with the documentation received from the archive side
  • Inform the distributors about SIM irregularities and vouchers inaccuracies
  • Report urgent and important issues as well as distributors inquiries and concerns to the Account Senior Executive for advice on best course of action
  • Identify daily activation account per distributor and inform the distributors on daily basis on their status report on the SIM activated


WHAT do I need?


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration-related field or equivalent



  • Up to 2 years of experience in related field


Those soft skills




  • Serving our customer
  • Achievement Driven 
  • Team Work 
  • Information seeking 
  • Relationship Building


  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication 
  • Technology Application 
  • Sales Management 



Zain Iraq

Job Group



Erbil - Iraq

Contract Type

Full Time (FTE)

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