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ZAIN5735 - Corporate PMO Department - Project Manager - Baghdad - Iraq

About Zain Iraq:

Zain Iraq is part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa.

Zain Iraq’s strategy is based on understanding the consumers and making them the center of any service or idea. This is in order to provide subscribers with the best and most advanced services that can meet their aspirations.

Zain Iraq’s vision for the year 2020 is centered on creating a partnership with the youth providing them with products and services that can help them communicate with the world.

Its program #Hassa Eliya is a specialized platform dedicated to enabling young people and embracing Iraqi talents as well as encouraging and supporting them to achieve their ambitions.

In addition to providing the fastest Internet service 3.9G, which is supported by powerful infrastructure and equipment of global standards, regional expertise also ensures that the subscriber enjoys the most innovative and effective means of communication.

Zain’s Brand awareness among Iraqis has reached 97% which makes the subscriber the ultimate reason for our success and the most important driver to provide the finest technologies in the telecommunications sector.

We are an integral part of the local community, which makes our partnership and cooperation, especially with the youth, a very strategic approach that all of our employees have adopted.

We have always been determined to ensure that all our economic, social and cultural projects that fall within our corporate social responsibility program leave a positive impact on the lives of our partnering community.

Zain Iraq believes that you are “its Wonderful World”.”


The jobs at this level are responsible for defining project objectives, governance and detailed implementation plans. The jobs are also responsible for securing the required resources for the effective implementation of the project including budget, project teams, systems and tools. The jobs are held accountable for the achievement of project objectives within planned cost, timeframes and quality standards and may occasionally seek management support for endorsement and recommendations. The jobs at this level will have broad knowledge in project management and a greater understanding of the overall practices.


You will be required to :

  • Understand the Corporate Project Management Office Strategy and plans and participate in the achievement of objectives and targets
  • Collaborate with management and concerned stakeholders on  the development of project management procedures, methodologies and guidelines
  • Utilize and maintain developed methods, templates, processes and tools to support the implementation of projects (e.g. resource planning, scheduling and management)
  • Set project scope, objectives and outcomes and develop project management documents accordingly such as project charter, project governance and project implementation plan
  • Communicate project objectives to stakeholders and provide information throughout the project lifecycle to ensure their buy-in and minimize resistance to project outcomes
  • Monitor execution of activities with Managers and other concerned internal and external stakeholders to ensure compliance with project action plan in terms of deadlines and deliverables
  • Seek support in cases of changes in project scope, need for additional resources or additional budget, implementation challenges, communication challenges with external entities
  • Monitor achievement of project action plan and interfere when needed to solve resistance and align understanding and expectations of stakeholders
  • Approve changes related to project time schedule, budget or resources and ensure implementation and documentation
  • Take ad-hoc and necessary actions to resolve unexpected project issues
  • Validate completion of project phases and ensure achievement of project milestones
  • Develop project progress reports to senior management highlighting project adherence to timeline, budget and planned outcomes
  • Review periodic status reports and KPIs measurement results and take necessary actions to improve project performance
  • Review compliance with quality guidelines and procedures for Zain IQ projects
  • Monitor administrative side of the project including but not limited to utilization of project management tools and templates/coding/filing/security and safety of documentation
  • Follow-up with vendors for project-related constraints and receive vendors performance feedback from Project Support

Provide needed training and coaching to Project Support  to ensure consistency in project execution and 


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, IT or engineering-related field or equivalent
  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant experience with at least 1 year in a similar role






  • Initiative
  • Achievement-Driven
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Team Work
  • Problem Solving and Creativity 
  • Relationship Building
  • Serving our Customers 


  • Financial Management
  • Project / Program Management
  • Technology Application
  • Written Communication
  • Managing Information
  • Oral Communication




Zain Iraq

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Baghdad- Iraq

Contract Type

Full Time (FTE)

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